This is a way for me to learn how to create a proper game in unity. I decided to work on platformer, cause I believe it will be both fun and easy for me. I have basic knowledge but want to get way better at it.

I will try to do weekly updates and if you want to help me out or give suggestions please do! Any kind of criticism will be read by me and I hope together we can make something great.

List of people doing this project for now:

Programmer/developer/level designer/music:

Ikuti(me) - programming, using unity and making sure it all works.


Ando - Characters sprites and animations.

CGWD4 - Backgrounds,animals and their animation.

 If you want to help out with graphics create a topic in discussion board and I will be sure to take a look and give feedback whether it is something we look for. I will also make sure credit anyone I can(unless you don't want to be credit than please say so in advance).

Right now we are especially looking for people who would be interested in helping/animating the characters. If you know how to do those things, please message me or create a topic on our discussion board. place where I might sometimes stream game making or some other weird stuff.

Development log