Devlog #1 : Baby Steps

So, after a week since the "The Beginning" I made some progress. It isn't much but I will update the game through the week.

The first big thing: the game actually takes input. We can now run around and jump with jungle man. I tried my hardest to make animations and feel of character not "jerky" and as smooth as possible. 

The second thing, I fixed the menus with some "magic" (not sure myself how they work now but they do). Still nothing in them, all empty but I plan to change it for the next devlog.

Lastly, there is a sprint option that will work if you press left shift. It still isn't working the way I wanted it to, but it's there.

So this week I plan to update it whenever I get some free time. The features that gonna be added this week(hopefully) will be ledge grabbing, double jump, better sprint. Also a better testing level to see it all in action. 

For the next devlog/update I plan to implement a more spacious level with pits of death. This means there will be a failure state as well as a victory screen. Also I plan to give the meaning to the existing menus or change them up a little.

So, this is all for now take care


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