How to play:

Shoot the red barrels when aliens are close to them to earn points. The more points you have the more awesome you are. But don't be close to barrels when you shoot them or you will explode with them! You have 3 hearts which you will loose when aliens come to close.

Shoot with left click, move with awsd/arrow keys.


During battle for Area 51, sneaky aliens tried kidnapping cat girls to their planet using one of portal machines. General Kyle ordered your squad to rescue them. On your way to portal, your fellow comrades fell from enemy fire. As you were about to enter portal to chase thiefy aliens, you noticed DANGER label on nearby desk. Guns, shiny alien technology guns. You grabed one labeled SNACKS - Super Nuking Auto Colt Kinetic Shotgun.
Now you are ready to get back whats yours. As you enter portal, bright light blinds you. After few seconds you feel heat wash over your face. With darkness all around you, theres one small light point - exit.
When you exit cave, theres bare ground with rocks - similiar to terrain around Area 51. You notice aliens with your precious cat girls, but when you try to shot them, they are not affected. But as it passes through alien, it hits barrel next to him that explodes and kills him.
Theres only two things to do now - kill aliens and rescue cute cat girls.

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